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Born in 1974, Jole is Ernesto Dellapiana’s doughter. 

She studied in Alba and at the University of Turin, Pedagogy and Science Education. 

Today she has begun to deal particularly herself with the commercial and bookkeeping management of the firm.  

She is responsible for the winery visitors and she will wait for communicate the culture, wines and history of the family cantina. 

Jole has also two children, Jacopo(2008) and Andrea(2011) too young, but we’re waiting for them.

rizzi winery piedmont langhe roero wine treiso wine maker


Wine Maker of Rizzi Estate

Born in 1978, Enrico is Ernesto Dellapiana’s younger child. 

Dellapiana family is a classical wine producers’ family, and it’s naturally that Enrico growing up with a passion for the land and the wine. 

After a first university degree in History in 2001, he graduated in  Viticulture and Oenology always in Turin. He finished his studies and became oenologist, in 2004. 

Since 2004 he has begun to deal himself of the technical management of the agricultural firm and the Wine cellar, keeping track of all the problems involved in the production side and also following the net sale in Italy and abroad.

Enrico says:”My objective is to produce wine in totally respect of the tradition, and to transfer as much as possible of the character and personality of the terrain vineyard site, and varietal into the bottle. Transparency of terroir and fruit clarity are my goal”.