“The charm and the pleasure of Barbaresco” 

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“The charm and the pleasure of Barbaresco” 


The Barbaresco Pajorè is born from the grapes pickup inside the Crü Pajoré. Bordering the vines of Roncaglie and Montaribaldi, in the municipality of Barbaresco, Pajorè is incontestably one of most famous vineyards in the Langhe. The vineyard, located in the heart of Crü Pajorè, enjoys a near-perfect elevation from 300 metres to the roughly 230 metres of the last Nebbiolo worthy rows. The finest plot, however, have a superb south or south-west-facing and very lean marly soil."


Commune: Treiso
Crü: Pajorè
Altitudine: 230 -300 m. s.l.m.
Exposure: South
Soil: white marl clayey- calcareous
Year of planting: 1960-65/ 2008
Training system: Guyot
Density: 4200 vine/Ha
Production: 7000 kg/Ha
Grape Variety: Nebbiolo


Harvest: The grapes are handpicked usually the first or second decade of October (with small variations depending on the weather).
Fermentation and Maceration: in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures, not exceed values of 30°C, for a period of 25-30 days.
Malolactic Fermentation: Following the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is racked and undergoes a malolactic fermentation, which normally lasts a month.
Aging: For the Barbaresco aging is provided for about 12 months in oak barrels (50Hl), then into concrete tanks for 8 months and then in bottle before the selling, 3 years later the harvest.


BARBARESCO PAJORE’ Deep garnet red in color; the nose reveals a beautiful and sensual fragrance with a rich complexity and intense floral component of violet and rose, and a very crisp red fruit, raspberry and strawberry, with notes of leather, evolutionary spicy, black pepper, cloves, and licorice. Its taste is full and mellow, very balanced, with a nice tannic structure. It’s a Barbaresco that combines finesse and power, femininity and masculine elegance and mineral.


First year of production: 2004.
Serving suggestion: pasta dishes with game sauces, roast and braised red meat, wid boar stew, mature and blue cheeses. Superb with dishes enriched with the Alba white truffle.
Serving Temperature: 18°C.


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