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La Repubblica - 26 aprile 2018

The Barbaresco Rizzi Docg 2015 and the Cantina Rizzi di Treiso are the protagonists of the Article on "La Repubblica" of 26 April 2018, in the R Food section, written by Laura Di Cosimo, entitled "L'eleganza del Barbaresco"



"Leaving the city, changing life, going back to the land: this is how the history of the Piedmontese company Rizzi began in the seventies, when the agricultural crisis that had hit Italy since the post-war period was not over yet. - today among the most beautiful viticultural landscapes in the world - he lived in difficulty: the peasants moved towards urban centers, perhaps hoping for a place in the factory.In this context Ernesto Dellapiana makes a choice against the current, and in 1974 he sold the started the family paper industry in Turin and moved to Treiso, in the province of Cuneo, the childhood places of his summer holidays.Heresto is motivated by the project, between vision and dream, to start a winery by rebuilding the property of his grandfather Ernesto Barbero, who had bought the country estate at the end of the 19th century, was followed by his wife Lia, and in these years their two sons were born: Jole in 1974 and Enrico in 1978. Winemaker energetic and determined, dedicates continuous investments to the recovery of vineyards, up to the current forty hectares of vineyards, most of them in Treiso, one of the most renowned municipalities for the production of Barbaresco, among the great red wines from Nebbiolo grapes. The same passion is passed on to the children: Enrico joined the company full time in 2004 as an oenologist as well as sales manager, Jole reception and accounting. Their entry has developed new growth prospects, consolidating the added value of a family management and confirming a stylistic coherence that is found, punctually, in their wines. In the Barbaresco production range there are three crus (prestigious vineyards) and among these the Barbaresco Rizzi, reference of elegance, classic timbre and longevity. A particularity on the labels: those of the Reserve are designed by Enrico Dellapiana, while those in the Magnum format (1.5 liters) have painted them by hand, one by one. "