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FORBES: The 25 Best Producers of Barbaresco

Article by Tom Hyland for Forbes magazine

Tom Hyland, freelance writer, educator and photographer specialized in Italian wines, who has written articles on Piedmont for several authoritative specialized publications, including "Decanter" and "Quarterly Review of Wines" and has lectured on wine in numerous commercial events in the United States.

United, has published an article on in which he speaks of Barbaresco, great Italian wine, and draws his personal ranking of the 25 best producers.

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This is the article:

“A few months ago, I wrote an article with my list of the 25 Best Barolo producers. Barolo is far and away the most famous wine of the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, but there is another wine from this region that should be equally celebrated, yet is too often regarded as a lesser wine when compared to Barolo. The wine is Barbaresco, and while this has many similarities with Barolo - both are produced exclusively from the Nebbiolo variety, and both are made in zones near the city of Alba - Barbaresco rarely demands the same prominence given to its more renowned counterpart.

There are several reasons for this - there is only about one-third total production of Barbaresco as compared to Barolo, being one factor - but I believe that Barbaresco should be praised just as much as Barolo. Barolo tends to be more powerful and has a reputation of greater aging potential, but there are many splendid examples of Barbaresco that are just as rich on the palate and age just as long as the finest examples of Barolo.

Given that, here is my tribute to Barbaresco, with a list of the Top 25 producers. I could write a longer list, but I believe that 25 is an appropriate total for this online article. There is no numerical ranking - these are in alphabetical order - except for the top three producers, who are routinely outstanding, and deserve special mention (these top three are also listed in alphabetical order). Forza Italia Barbaresco!”

Among the 25 best producers of Barbaresco, Tom Hyland also includes the Cantina Rizzi di Treiso with its important Barbaresco. Here are his words in the article about our winery:


Rizzi -

Graceful, harmonious Barbarescos from Ernesto Dellapiana and his son Enrico, two of the kindest individuals I have met in Piemonte. Their vineyards are beautifully sited in the commune of Treiso; these include cru Rizzi, Nervo and Pajoré; there is also a riserva Barbaresco labeled as Boito, produced from fruit of the Rizzi cru. The wines are all aged in large casks (as big as 50 hectoliters, or 5000 liters) and display beautiful Nebbiolo purity, silky tannins, very good acidity and ideal structure for a decade or more of aging. Yet the wines - especially the Rizzi offering - are so appealing upon release, you may not want to wait!

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