The first edition of an Event organized by the Enoteca Regionale of Barbaresco to present the 2016 vintage of this wine

Sunday 28 and Monday 29 April 2019 "Espressione Barbaresco - All the nuances of Barbaresco DOCG 2016" took place in the splendid setting of the Castle of Neive. An event organized by the Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco and dedicated to the presentation of the 2016 vintage of this important wine, which developed in two days dedicated to Barbaresco. Sunday, April 28, saw the awarding by the president of the Enoteca Massimo Caniggia of Kerin O’Keefe, an important American wine journalist and writer, as official Testimonial of the Event and “Voce del Barbaresco 2016”.

To her the honor of inaugurating Espressione Barbaresco with a Masterclass in the presence of the Italian and international press, in which Kerin was able to tell this wine with authority and elegance and brought to the taste 18 of the best labels of Barbaresco DOCG 2016.

Also present was Giancarlo Montaldo, a great and respected journalist and wine expert, who "accompanied" Kerin during the entire Masterclass, to then lead all the guests present on a journey that began in the visit to the historic cellars of the Castle, for continue a Tour of the Cru that has touched vineyards and hills of production.

The event continued on Monday 29 April in the historic cellars of the Neive Castle for a face-to-face tasting with 68 producers from Barbaresco, including Nostra Cantina Rizzi.

A great honor to be able to participate in this event in which we believe very much as a path to promote and spread Barbaresco in Italy and in the world. 4 Our Barbaresco wines that we have carefully chosen and brought to the tasting counter on the Tasting day:

Barbaresco Rizzi 2016

Barbaresco Nervo 2016

Barbaresco Pajorè 2016

Barbaresco Riserva Boito 2014

The morning was reserved for journalists and Kerin O’Keefe, who had the opportunity to taste and discuss directly with the producers.

From 12:00 the Tasting has instead opened the doors to all the operators of the sector and to the Wine Lovers that, glass in hand, have experienced a tasting that has made every taste a real discovery, always in direct contact with the producers

Many people came to the Event, in a public frame that exceeded initial expectations and recorded a great success for this first edition of "BARBARESCO EXPRESSION - All the nuances of Barbaresco DOCG 2016", which thanks and gives an appointment to next year for the second edition that will put at the center of the event a new great year of this important wine.