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The Barbaresco Pajorè 2015 of Cantina Rizzi di Treiso among the 40 Italian labels described in the Forbes Italia article


The article entitled "Travel among the great Italian wines" is the article published on Forbes Italia in the "Lands of Wine" section by Luca Gardini, an expert wine communicator and influential Italian palate who is known as Wine Killer thanks to the success of his website Web dedicated precisely to the tastings that it does all over the world.

In this article Luca Gardini talks about wine and he does it in his usual brilliant and direct way.

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"... I would like, sip after sip, to lead you to understand the wine in spite of the myriad of blogs, magazines, conferences and tastings on it ... Understanding wine means to listen, rather than in the chair ... People that they do not just want to analyze wine, but rather learn to enjoy it, managing at the same time to understand its territorial, varietal adherence, that relating to the vintage or to the attitude to the table ... Then everyone will discover that the house wine our combinations are almost endless, given that in Italy we have more native vines than days on the calendar, which produce different wines, even splitted in as many versions: whites, reds, bubbles and sweets ... "


Luca Gardini then tells the rows of vines that "run throughout the boot", explaining how this has allowed the Italian territory to keep alive the panorama of native vines in every area of ur beautiful Italia, including both famous and well-known labels and less notes but with a unique flavor.

An ideal tour of Italy of wine, as he describes it himself, to tell us about labels obtained, in most cases, from the main indigenous bunches that are worth tasting as excellences to be defended and tasted.

Among these labels, for the Piedmont Luca Gardini recommends the RIZZI BARBARESCO PAJORE '2015, describing it as follows:

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"Barbaresco the same Nebbiolo, Pajorè the same as Cru that transmits to the wines that derive from it an evident elegance.The accounts return with this label always very well proportioned, as well as very fine.